Restaurants still aiming to make Valentine’s Day special

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Restauranteurs still want to make Valentine’s Day special this year / © Rinck Content Studio, Unsplash

Liverpool restaurants are ready to cater to their customers this Valentine’s Day like no other before.

Usually, we can expect to see eateries filled with couples showcasing their love. However, with a national lockdown still in place, restaurant owners have been forced to find other ways to work this year.

Kate Hughes, the owner of Free State Kitchen, will be reopening her restaurant for Valentine’s Day with her husband for takeaway meals only.

She said: “We’ve decided to close for general take away for the moment, but my husband and I thought it would be nice to do a one-off Click and Collect on Valentine’s Day, with just the two of us working for safety.

“All the slots sold out straight away, which is absolutely amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of our regulars to say ‘hi’ when they collect!”

As food businesses have had to change the way they run, for the time being, Mrs Hughes believes independent companies are doing a good job despite Covid-19 restrictions.

She said: “This pandemic has shown us there’s so much creativity and innovation when it comes to small businesses.

“People have had to think outside the box to ensure their brand is visible and they can continue trading and so many businesses have blown me away with their offers.”

However, although independent businesses are finding other ways to work, it’s not been easy for them to work through the pandemic.

Cargo Seafood & Grill is a popular Valentine’s Day restaurant for its sunset and riverside views / © Cargo Seafood & Grill

The owner of Cargo Seafood & Grill described the lockdown as having a “disproportionate detrimental
effect” on independents and supporting them will “not only help financially” but also “keep spirits up” for businesses across the city.

They said: “Many major food chains are thriving and growing their business while many independents are trying everything to survive.”

While the owner admitted to the negative sides of the lockdown, they admitted that customers are still supporting them and have received a “strong demand”  for Valentine’s Day.

Cargo Seafood & Grill offer collection only at their riverside restaurant to maintain the high “quality and presentation” of their popular dishes.

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