Research shows city feels frustration

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Museum of Liverpool. Pic: John Mathews

Liverpool residents feel their lives are out of control

New research shows that nearly half of Liverpool’s adult population feel like they’re not in control of their lives.

The top three reasons for feeling out of control include finance, travel delays and 43% put it down to their health.

Nearly 50% of Merseyside people surveyed admitted to feeling frustrated in the research carried out by the energy company E.ON, which also shows that over a quarter of adults in Liverpool experience the same feeling when seeing others wasting energy at a time of rising prices.

Expert in social behaviour, Judi James, said: “Feeling out of control of our lives can have a direct effect on our ability to cope with pressure and stress in everyday situations. Attempting to regain control over the smaller, more manageable issues is a simple but effective way to help avoid stress and anxiety in day-to-day life.”

The research reveals over half of people in the UK would reduce their energy usage if they could visualise how much they’re using. E.ON’s customers have shown this to be true, with nine in ten of those with smart meters stating that it has increased awareness of how much energy they’re using in their home.

Jean Fiddes, Head of Smart Transition, said: “In every area of people’s lives, there’s support out there to help get back in control. Over the past two years we’ve helped almost 150,000 customers save energy and reap the benefits of being in control of their energy bills.”

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