Local rescue cats in need of adoption

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Cats in Garston Animal Rescue are waiting for a loving home. © JMU Journalism

Cats in Garston Animal Rescue are waiting for a loving home. © JMU Journalism

An animal rescue centre in Garston is urging people to adopt pets from a care facility this Christmas instead of going to ‘selfish’ breeders.

Garston Animal Rescue takes in abandoned cats and fosters them in a safe environment until they can be re-homed, but the centre is becoming desperate for adopters as the small venue is now overcrowded.

Nancy Lindsay, charity founder of Garston Animal Rescue, told JMU Journalism: “Breeders make all the money whilst rescues pick up the pieces.

“We are desperately in need of homes for abandoned cats. If we could find more homes for them we’d be able to foster more cats.

“It breaks my heart to say no to more but what am I supposed to do? And if I can’t take them in where do you think they go? On the streets.”

The rescue centre has a strong non-destruction policy and that is the reason why Ms Lindsay started fostering as she witnessed a local animal shelter taking two healthy dogs to be put down. She said: “They do it to make more room for others but I would never do that. Imagine doing that to people.”

A kitten was recently dumped on the centre’s doorstep in a box. Ms Lindsay believes the act was cowardly but the young cat was quickly re-homed. She said: “The cat was exceptionally cute so that’s why it was homed quickly. That’s another problem – people want young and cute, so the others get left behind.

“We care about our animals and we even do house checks to make sure they’re going to a safe home. All are cats are flead, wormed and micro-chipped before being re-homed as well.”

Members of the public can support Garston Animal Rescue by donating items to their charity shops on Aigburth Road, Liverpool and St Helens.

If you would like to donate or volunteer for Garston Animal Rescue, call 07745 167170.

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