Reindeer bring Christmas magic

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A Pupil feeding Holly and Dizzy

A Pupil feeding Holly and Dizzy

Pupils at a Wirral School welcomed some special visitors when two reindeer arrived to spread some Christmas cheer.

University Academy Birkenhad opened its doors to Holly and Dizzy, who spent the afternoon with Year Seven pupils. The reindeer, a mother and daughter pair, came from North Wales with their owner, Simon Northhill, of North Hills Farm, who was on hand to answer questions about the animals.

“I get some normal questions, but every time I bring them to a school they get all the usual questions ‘Can they fly?’ ‘Is Santa coming?’, the response that you get from young people is just magical,” he told JMU Journalism.

The visit formed part of the school’s end of term Christmas celebrations for pupils. A Year Seven student said: “It was magical, and until we met them we didn’t even think that they were real!”

Debbie Price, deputy head of Year Eight at the school, said the Reindeer had created a buzz of excitement around the school.

“When we told them, their faces lit up! Some of them didn’t even know they were real. We intended them to visit just the Year Seven pupils but even the older pupils were excited, so we’ve had to select a few to visit as a treat.

“They’ve been asking all sorts of questions all morning ‘Do they fly? Can we feed them?’, it really has been the talk of the school,” she said.

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