‘Reclaim the Night’ call at Guild

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Reclaim the Night panel members at the Liverpool Guild of Students. Pic © Shannon Lyon JMU Journalism

Activists and organisers held a panel event to speak about gender violence in talk hosted by the Liverpool Guild Of Students.

The talk featured University of Liverpool Feminist Society President, Jodie Sylvester, Reclaim the Night’s Rachel O’Byrne, and local activist Natalie Denny.

Discussion centres on the importance of the work done by Reclaim the Night, which promotes the need to make the evening streets and nightclubs safer.

This featured as part of the Guild’s ‘Call It Out’ campaign in which attention is drawn to how students can tackle all forms of harassment and abuse on campus.

YouTube: Shannon Lyon

Miss Sylvester said: “It’s such a clear way of saying this isn’t OK and not normal, and people need to confront the fact that it’s not normal.

“We are making people confront the fact that what they are doing or what they seen happening or what’s happening to them isn’t normal and it needs to change. We can’t just except it, we need to do something about it.”

Reclaim the Night event at the Liverpool Guild of Students. Pic © Shannon Lyon JMU Journalism

The Reclaim the Night Group has put on marches across the UK to protest against sexual violence and demonstrate women’s right to walk at night without fear.

Miss Denny performed a poetry piece that related to sexual assault and the culture of victim blaming in our society. She said during her performance: “You know her short skirts, that low cut top, it cancels out the word stop. Told boys will be boys and women are their favourite toys.”

Reclaim the Night will be hosting a march in Liverpool on International Women’s Day on March 8th to get more volunteers supporting their movement.

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