Rebecca shines at Philharmonic

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Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson did Scousers proud this weekend when she returned to her beloved home city to perform for two nights at the Philharmonic Hall.

Hearing the shouts and rapturous applause as soon as Rebecca stepped on the stage, you could have been fooled into thinking every member of the audience was a relative of the young mum.

Although there were rows and rows of her family members in the audience, including her children, the rest was packed with local fans just dying to find out whether her unique voice was just as special in real life. And they definitely didn’t leave disappointed.

Rebecca opened the show with a soulful performance of ‘Fighting Suspicions’ from her debut album ‘Heaven’, and immediately forced everyone to sit up and listen. Living up to the Liverpool girl’s stylish reputation, the Huyton-born singer looked classy dressed in a black, sequin and lace dress with her hair down in soft curls.

The critics who believe reality shows such as The X Factor only churn out repetitive one-trick ponies, musn’t have got the memo when it came to Rebecca. Her relaxed, soulful sound is different to any voice in the charts at the moment.

The concert was personal and endearing. In between tracks, the shy 25-year-old described her feelings to the audience regarding the lyrics on her album, keeping them engaged, and giving them an insight into her usually private life.

Fans were treated to a 14-song set, which featured tracks from Rebecca’s new album including top 10 hit ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’, and some impressive covers, one being a rendition of Drake’s ‘Take Care’.

Rebecca clearly felt comfortable performing in her home town, after she repeatedly told the audience before introducing her next track: “I love it here!”

She and her loyal Liverpool followers won’t have to wait long for her to return as she will perform again in the city, at The Echo Arena on Saturday 17th March.

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