Rail overhaul ‘may lead to capital commuters’

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HS2 train. Pic © Network Rail

People living in Liverpool could potentially save hundreds of thousands of pounds over the course of their working lives, thanks to high speed rail developments in the coming decades, according to a new study.

Research carried out by job site, Adzuna, claims that the construction of the HS2 high-speed network, and the electrification of the Great Western Railway, could open up opportunities for people to live in cheaper parts of the country, yet still work in London.

Although not scheduled to be connected to the first wave of HS2 developement, it was suggested that cities including Liverpool can eventually be within range of commuting to the capital.

In turn, this could mean that workers from areas such as Merseyside may save up to £400,000 over a 47-year career because of vastly cheaper housing, said the report.

YouTube: BBC News

Commenting on the findings, Adzuna co-founder Doug Monro, said: “A new breed of savvy ‘super-commuters’ is being born. Long-distance commuting into London is becoming easier than ever before thanks to improved transport links and large infrastructure projects like HS2.

“Faster connections to cities like Liverpool and Birmingham will offer London workers alternative city living options outside of the capital.”

According to the research, travel times from Liverpool to London could be significantly cut, with the journey totalling just 93 minutes – significantly reduced from the current 134-minute journey.

However, some are sceptical. Tim Harris, 41, who commutes from Liverpool to Sheffield most days of the week, told JMU Journalism: “I think it’s wishful thinking, to be honest. HS2 is obviously a long, long way away, and commuting to and from London would be extremely difficult.

“If it does happen, though, it would be great for people in cities like Liverpool and Sheffield, but personally I wouldn’t commute to London.”

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