Questions leads to answers in new artwork

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Jade Montserrat, Instituting Care, Bluecoat Liverpool. Pic © Rob Battersby

The Bluecoat has launched a series of new exhibitions featuring an array of artists, with one display proving especially eye-catching.

One showcase that is bound to draw attention is Jade Montserrat’s work ‘Instituting Care’, which features quotes covering the walls of the gallery.

The phrases which dominate her work are from research she has taken when looking into race, gender, disability and education. It features quotations from writers such as Frantz Fanon, Audre Lorde and Stuart Hall.

Jade’s work is centred around the questions such as: “Who does art education serve and who should it serve?”, plus: “How do we value individual and collective creativity?” and “What could a care-centred approach to education look like?”

Speaking about her work inspiration, Jade told JMU Journalism: “I hope that the words that are written on the walls resonate as forms in themselves, in which the movement in the shape and the language that is written, but also that it is imposing as I’m talking about decolonisation and care.”

She used charcoal to create messages on the wall, which she got from a valley in her hometown of Scarborough.

YouTube: Shannon Lyon

Her piece also features a structure with silver foil all around and inside are lots of books and places to sit. Miss Montserrat said: “In the middle of the space is a structure that has enabled me to think through the idea of what a safer space could be.”

Bluecoat curator, Adam Smythe, told JMU Journalism: “With Jade’s work I think she’s posing many vital questions that we as a society really need to address and a lot of the words that are drawn on the walls on the gallery feel really vital. I think that will be a really rewarding resource for people who visit the exhibition.”

Her exhibition will be open to the public until March 2019.

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