Pups on parade at sausage dog event

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Dachshunds at Pup Up Cafe. Pic © Tilly Kenyon JMU Journalism

An eye-catching array of sausage dogs were on show as ‘Pup Up Café’ came to Chester for the first time at the weekend.

Free ‘puppicinos’ were on offer all day for dogs attending at Revolution Bar, which hosted the dog-breed specific day for Dachshunds.

More than 60 sausage dogs came along with their owners and members of the public.

Marcus Ackford, creator of Pup up Café, told JMU Journalism: “We ran our first event in April and had 205 dachshunds turn up in Exeter. Since then we have gone on to Cornwall, up to Scotland and everywhere else in between really.

“We’re very excited to be here. Chester has been on our list for a long time, so we’re happy to finally get it done.”

Previously Pup Up Café has held dog events specifically for pugs and for Frenchies, but they mainly focus on dachshunds.

YouTube: Tilly Kenyon

There were many photo opportunities at the occasion, with party hats for the dogs, an Instagram frame to pose in and a bed set up with a backdrop.

Around the venue were treat stations to keep all the pets happy, and to give people the chance to make dog’s friends.

Mr Ackford told JMU Journalism about how the events normally run and what happens at them, saying: “We have lots of fancy dress competitions going on, sassiest sausage competition, the ball pits and the tunnels.

“We also have local retailers come along who can sell their dachshund-related goodies. It’s just a fun time for the dogs and the humans.”

They have more events coming up and special Christmas editions.

He added: “We’re in Bristol next week and then we are onto our Christmas tour which is going to be nine events over four weeks, full of Christmas cheer and presents for all the dogs so it should be really good fun.”

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