Proposal to close 10-year-old centre

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Dovecot MAC is undergoing proposals to be closed down. Image source: Russ Oakes, Flickr member.

Dovecot MAC is facing proposals to be closed down. Image: Russ Oakes/Flickr

Proposals have been made to close a community centre in Liverpool, because the current economic climate and its poor design have resulted in a £264,000 annual loss, and a city council report said it “cannot afford” to keep it open.

The future of Dovecot Multi Activity Centre, near Knotty Ash, will be discussed this Friday when the Mayor’s Cabinet meets, which could result in the closure of the building in November of this year. If all councillors agree that closing the building is necessary, community services such as the Dovecot Library will be relocated.

Cllr Malcolm Kennedy, cabinet member for regeneration, told the Liverpool Echo: “We will continue to deliver children’s centres services for parents and carers in Dovecot at alternative buildings.”

The building was opened in 2003 at a cost of £3.5 million. With running costs of £382,000 and an income of just £118,000, the council can’t afford to subsidise the net cost of £264,000 a year.

Mr Kennedy added: “Sadly, due to the government cutting our grant by more than half over six years, we are having to make some extremely difficult choices.

“We have already had to find £170 million of savings and have got a further £150 million to find over the next three years. This means we simply cannot afford to keep this building open.
One of Dovecot MACs current services, the Sure Start Children’s Centre has already had the decision made to close down, and will do so on 30th September.

“Parents using this facility will have their children transferred to other nurseries in the area.

Plans have been put in place by the council for all Dovecot MAC staff to be transferred to existing community venues.

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