Propaganda and Ramshackle kick off

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The Prodigy’s Rob Holliday DJing © Ramshackle

Liverpool’s nightlife scene got even bigger this month with the launch of the nationwide indie club night Propaganda at Bumper, along with the same company’s dance, hip-hop and dubstep night, Ramshackle at The Magnet.

BBC Radio 1 DJ, Huw Stephens, kicked off the sold-out Propaganda, along with the creator, DJ Dan, who played an incredible set, while The Prodigy’s guitarist, Rob Holliday, wowed the crowd at Ramshackle.

DJ Dan, who came straight from playing in Manchester, told JMU Journalism how much he enjoyed Liverpool’s atmosphere; so much so that he ended up playing until the early hours of the morning.

“With it being Freshers week and a Friday night, it was wicked,” he said. “I don’t think there’s any other Propaganda that goes on until 5am. Liverpool people just seem to really know how to party and have a good time.”

With Liverpool being one of the last cities to experience the hugely popular club night, along with Brighton, Wrexham, Hull and Lincoln, DJ Dan told JMU Journalism why Bumper was his venue of choice.

DJ Dan

“I love the décor; the retro side of it. Propaganda’s meant to be a really fun night, that anyone can come to and enjoy, and I think Bumper’s a really fun venue.”

With Propaganda, Liverpool will see a big name guest on a regular basis, and DJ Dan exclusively told JMU Journalism that Russell Kane will be coming to DJ soon.

Having created Propaganda when he was in his second year at university in Bristol, using £300 of his student loan, DJ Dan is amazed he is at how big the night has become, with 25,000 people attending each week.

He said: “I never saw it becoming my full time job and I’m amazed that it has done. We’ve gone from a little 200 capacity venue in Bristol to taking it to one of the largest venues in the city, and then growing to 25 cities in the UK; weekly in Australia; weekly in New Zealand; and weekly in Ibiza over the summer.

“I would love to take Propaganda to America. This whole thing has been completely unplanned, but we’ve just gone with it, and it’s grown.”

Propaganda is on every Friday night at Bumper, and Ramshackle at The Magnet every Saturday night. Advance tickets can be bought at the Scream bar opposite the Aldham Robarts Library, for £3.


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