Police warning over ‘Red-Eyed Vigilante’

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The ‘Red-Eyed Vigilante’ uses this image on his Facebook page

Police have warned those who take justice into their own hands after reports that a ‘red-eyed vigilante’ is taking it upon himself to protect the public and fight crime.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the man, who is said to appear in Runcorn and parts of South Liverpool dressed all in black with glowing red eyes, has stopped a group of hooded youths from stealing a motorbike and has also fought off two men who were harassing a lady outside the Royal British Legion.

When sightings of the ‘red-eyed vigilante’ first emerged, Inspector Gareth Lee, of Runcorn Neighbourhood Policing Unit, advised that they were aware of “various rumours and speculation circulating on the internet. Clearly enforcing the law is a matter for the police to deal with and members of the public are not encouraged to take the law into their own hands”.

In a show of defiance, the unknown vigilante defended his actions and told his Facebook followers: “It has recently come to my attention that Cheshire Constabulary have informed all local media to cease reporting on me out of fear that I will undermine policing in Runcorn.

“This is not my intention, nor should the lack of publicity be taken to mean I have ceased my operations. I work on a nightly basis and will continue to do so until I am no longer needed.”

Back in September, the unlikely figure took to the streets to begin his one-man war and now it is thought that the self-proclaimed crime fighter has returned to watch over the streets of Merseyside and Cheshire after months of obscurity.

According to his Twitter feed, @Justiceisred, the vigilante is back and promised to: “totally dismantle the criminal system within Runcorn from its foundations up”.

The red-eyed vigilante has also posted a video manifesto on YouTube in which he claims that a “criminal plague has seized control of the dark” but he promises that their terror will last no longer as he returns to protect the town he loves.


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