Police photos show different beat

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An on duty policeman ©Colin Lewis

An on duty policeman © Colin Lewis

A unique photographic exhibition at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is showcasing life working for Merseyside Police.

‘Portrait of a Modern Police Force’ was created over a year by Merseyside Police Inspector Colin Lewis.

The 100-image exhibition features a St Helens Inspector performing as Elvis for charity, the training of new recruits and also captures the effects of cuts to the police force. All the images are of police in Merseyside, both on duty and in their own time. The pictures show a more human side to police work and are said to depict life ‘beyond the uniform.’

The exhibition is supported by the Royal Photographic Society and is expected to attract interest from both locals and a wider audience.

Inspector Lewis is still an active member of the police and is in charge of coordinating the youth engagement projects. He told JMU journalism what inspired the photographs: “Two things; firstly, some old black and white prints that appeared in our academy of days gone by which made me wonder about our photographic legacy, and secondly the people of Merseyside Police.

“It’s a little insight into the people of the police of Merseyside and aims to bring some humanity to the service to externalise. They all tell a different story. Each of them means different things to me.”

The inspector-turned-photographer has been an employee of the Merseyside Police for 23 years, and has been practising photography as a hobby for 15 years.

The free exhibition will run from 14 February to 3rd March in the Cathedral’s Lady Chapel.

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