Police cash on offer for community schemes

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Kirkby Together’s staff, organisations and voters. Pic © Evelyn Edward JMU Journalism

Schemes to help end violent crime in Knowlsey were the focus as community groups made bids for funding from Merseyside Police this weekend.

The 15 organisations presented a two-minute pitch on their organisation and how the funding would help reduce crime in Kirkby.

The groups ranged from boxing clubs to drama crews, with £25,000 to be won. After all the groups had presented, the audience – made of supporters and locals – were invited to vote for who they thought should receive funding.

The emphasis at Kirkby Together was on creating a safer area, with most presentations talking about knife crime, drugs and alcohol issues and mental health problems in young people.

This was all a part of Merseyside Police’s Violence Reduction Partnership, featuring a variety of local organisations to put on the event.

It took place at All Saints Catholic High School with performances from the school’s dance group and Farley Choir as 12 groups won £2000 each, with the runners up getting £500 too.

Inspector Phil Mullally told JMU Journalism: “The main aim of today is to reduce violent crime and I think these groups can help deliver that.

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“The second aim is building up social strength and resilience. That means community groups understanding what else is out there who they can tap in with to help and show that they’re not alone.”

Pauline Donovan of Farley Choir, which won an award, told JMU Journalism: “It’s amazing to receive the money because we are a community-based choir. We go around and sing to old people’s homes, events. We sing about issues we have in the community – knife crime, anxiety in children – and it’s an opportunity for anyone of any age or background to come along.

“It gets young people off the streets who could be hanging around doing the wrong thing and into doing something to benefit everyone.”

The full list of winners: Knowsley Vale Amateur Boxing Club; CELLS project; Diversity Boxing Academy for girls; Friends of Saxon Green Park; Kirby Kings Junior Football Club; 12 Million Minds
Hop; Skip Jump Merseyside; Women and girls offering support; KABS; Mafia Dance; Farley Choir; Showstoppers.

Runners up: North West Fife Fancy Canary Club; Valencia Morris dancing; Kirby Amateur boxing club.

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