Play to highlight homeless issue

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St Lukes Church ©Mark McKenny/CreativeCommons/Flickr

St Lukes Church ©Mark McKenny/CreativeCommons/Flickr

A play about homelessness will be performed in one of the city’s most iconic churches.

Cut to the Chase Productions will bring Tony Teardrop to the stage at St Luke’s, known locally as the ‘Bombed Out Church’, which tells the tale of a residential support centre for the homeless, inspired by real stories.

The play is written by Liverpool playwright Esther Wilson, whose previous work includes  TV shows like The Street and Call the Midwife, and is based on true stories of homelessness in Manchester.

Producing Director Jen Heyes explained the role of St Luke’s to JMU Journalism: “They go there as part of the story and I thought it would be interesting to set it there because in Liverpool there are lots of homeless people on the outskirts of society, and quite often they gather there anyway.”

Starring Dead Man’s Shoes actor Neil Bell and former Hollyoaks actress Hollie-Jay Bowes, the play follows Tony on a journey looking for the true meaning of home. The production shows the world through Tony’s relationships and his struggles with the manager of the centre, leading to a dramatic and tense conclusion.

Tiny Teardrop promo video

The play hopes to raise further awareness about the struggles facing homeless people, a problem on the rise in Liverpool -last September figures showed that 678 people applied to Liverpool city council as homeless which is why Jen believes the play has a strong connection to the city.

She added: “It’s something that it’s not only a play, but it’s got a real strong partnership within Liverpool and the people who are working with the homeless and those with addictions. We hope to inspire them with recovery and make a difference in their lives.”

Tony Teardrop Runs from 21st March-6th April. For more information about the play visit Tony Teardrop website

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