Play time for adults with bar’s ball pit theme

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Balls Deep ball pit. Pic © Christopher Megrath JMU Journalism

Balls Deep ball pit. Pic © Christopher Megrath JMU Journalism

The latest addition to Liverpool’s nightlife scene, cheekily named Balls Deep, has arrived in the form of an underground cocktail bar complete with its very own adult ‘ball pit’.

Taking over the old Circo nightclub building on Seel Street, the entrance to the bar is secretly hidden behind a retro refrigerator, leading into what can only be described as a grunge-themed garage filled with fluorescent UV lighting and graffiti art.

The underground venue is similar to an adult playground, complete with beer pong tables, table tennis and the caged pit filled with rave lights and over 10,000 plastic balls.

The venue has gained a lot of attention already, with opening night on Friday being to full capacity, and everyone enjoying what the bar has to offer.

YouTube: Christopher Megrath

The owner and general manager of Balls Deep, Tom Pollard, describes the atmosphere as a “fun and laid back place to just hang out”.

He told JMU Journalism: “We wanted to do something fun and out there. Liverpool doesn’t really have anything like this and we thought everyone would love it. It’s not a corporate place, it’s somewhere to go with your mates, have fun, relax, hang out and just enjoy yourself. We want to keep a fun atmosphere.”

With the ball pit being the venue’s biggest talking point, Tom added: “They love it. When they’re in they don’t want to get out. Some people are a little shy about it but once they come around they’re like big kids, taking selfies, diving around, having fun, and it’s all ages enjoying it too which is great. The staff love it too.”

Guests can enjoy an extensive range of bespoke cocktails, all decorated with classic tuck shop candy along with a menu of street food which arrives in the new year.

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