Play highlights domestic abuse

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Some of the cast of Straight Up © PullupachairPro/ Twitter

An Aigburth scriptwriter has tackled the issue of domestic violence in her most recent play.

Scriptwriter and co-director of non-profit Pull Up a Chair Productions, Carol Cullington has written material for Eastenders, Brookside and the BBC series The Accused.

Carol’s play Straight Up highlights the dangers of dismissing domestic violence and addresses the role drug and gang violence plays in the lives of young people in Merseyside.

Carol wrote the play following the deaths of family friends; Kelsey Shaw, 17, from Speke, who was murdered by her boyfriend in April last year and Lisa Hoolahan, 30, also from Speke, who was murdered by her partner in March.

Pull Up a Chair hope the play will inspire and provoke a positive change in the views and ambitions of young people.

The play will be touring young offender’s institutions and youth and community centres across Merseyside this month.

Carol told JMU Journalism: “Our piece focuses on young men and women becoming involved in the culture of drug dealing and gangs, as a means to escape the deprivation found by many young people in Merseyside today.

“The piece looks to explore and challenge the image of a ‘glamorous lifestyle’ and a ‘brighter future’, which young people can mistakenly believe this lifestyle will provide.

“The play does deal with domestic abuse (in terms of emotional bullying, control etc) as an undercurrent, as the female character becomes involved with the local drug dealer.”

Merseyside police recently revealed that just over a fifth of calls they received were domestic violence related.

Performances are free of charge and anyone over 12 years old is welcome.

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