Plans to revitalise city centre square

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Williamson Square. Pic © Sara O’Hagan, JMU Journalism

A public consultation will begin this month with a view to revitalising Williamson Square in the city centre.

Liverpool City Council will work together with Liverpool BID Company and the Everyman & Playhouse to start the process, which will run from February 23rd until April 30th.

Aiming to start an “open conversation”, organisers will ask the general public and local businesses to provide suggestions to bring a new lease of life into the square.

The historic plaza was last upgraded in 2004, with the introduction of new seating, planting and a fountain. However, there is a view that it is somewhat disconnected from the rest of town and many mainly use it as a walking route to other areas.

The consultation is in response to a Strategic Investment Framework by the council, which outlined a 15-year blueprint to transform many parts of the city through regeneration projects, and Williamson Square has been identified as a key priority.

YouTube: Sara O’Hagan

The debate will be launched this Friday in the Everyman & Playhouse.

Deborah Aydon, Chief Executive of the Everyman & Playhouse, told JMU Journalism: “It’s because of all the changes to the city centre that have happened around Williamson Square that have left it feeling a bit in isolation – a little bit like it’s been left behind.

Playhouse Theatre. Pic © Sara O’Hagan, JMU Journalism

“So we have started a conversation to think about how, by bringing the cultural presence of the Playhouse and the ideas they have into collaboration with the city council and the BID company, then we could so something really interesting.

“We have got a public consultation that’s working in tandem with cultural animation and a fresh approach to the square.”

The feedback project will be run by an award-winning Liverpool social enterprise called PLACED. Forms will be available from the Playhouse Theatre, Marks & Spencers café and Sayers for people to give their suggestions.

Members of the public are also being encouraged to tweet their suggestions with the hastag #NewWilliamsonSq or they can send their ideas to

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