Ping pong ding dong as bands compete

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Will Nash’s Noisy Table © Brighton Mini Maker Faire

Eight of the city’s bands will take part in a unique table tennis tournament to mark the arrival of the interactive ‘Noisy Table’.

Innovative artwork Noisy Table arrives at FACT media and arts centre on December 6th.  It is programmed with digital instruments and samples which make music as games are played.

Noisy Table is part of the FACT Connects programme of events, which seeks to attract new audiences and to engage with the local creative scene.

Artist Will Nash created the table to breaks down traditional barriers of art to provide “an alter-table-tennis experience”.

As the ball hits the table, vibrations are created which are turned into sounds, which can then be altered by changing the settings.  This allows each player the chance to create their own unique soundtrack.

Bido Lito! Magazine and FACT have collaborated to bring an interactive installation called Bats and Bleeps to mark the launch of the Noisy Table, which will feature some of the city’s most exciting musicians.

Afternaut, Ninetails, Dogshow and many more of the city’s budding acts will all feature in ‘a battle of the bands’ ping pong challenge to launch the table’s three-month long stay.

The opening event will take place on Thursday December 6th between 5pm-8pm at FACT with live music to be performed by Afternauts and Clinic.

A screen shot of the Noisy Table in action © Will Nash

The first fixture of the tournament at the opening event will be contested between Clinic and Loved Ones and will also see all eight bands making an appearance to polish their ping pong skills.

Clinic and Afternaut will record and sample all of the matches to produce an exclusive mix of cuts to present at the grand final of the tournament, which takes place in February 2013.

Chris Torpey, assistant editor of Bido Lito! Magazine, told JMU Journalism: “It’s going to be bleeptastically amazing, I can’t wait to hear those remixes batted back and forth.

“It’s just a bit of fun around a really good art installation. It will be great interactive fun and it’s all free, hopefully we will get lots of people along to it.”

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