Pet project proves PowerPoint success

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PowerPoint presentation for a new family pet © Neil Fay

PowerPoint presentation for a new family pet. Pic © Neil Fay

Children are always asking their parents for a family pet, but one Aigburth father received a pitch like no other.

Neil Fay and his wife Claire were invited into their living room to watch their children’s five-minute PowerPoint presentation on why they should be allowed a hamster.

Impressed by the efforts of Elizabeth, 12, and Charlotte, 9, Neil tried to keep a straight face and not let on that they had already won him over.

Mr Fay told JMU Journalism: “They were being cute and nice, buttering me up for something. I was expecting [them wanting] Lego Friends or some other toy.

“When I saw the laptop hooked up to the TV, I was expecting a show or something – not a presentation on why they should have a hamster.”

YouTube: Petco

The father-of-three admitted that when he was a young child he would simply cosy up to his parents if he wanted something, and not create a seven point slide entitled: “But why we should be allowed?”

Neil added: “I tried not to smile but was impressed with their tactics and at that point they had already won me over with their inventiveness, but I made them wait a while for the decision.”

Toffee the hamster © Neil Fay

Toffee the hamster. Pic © Neil Fay

The Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association (PFMA) estimates that two-fifths of UK households have family pets, and that the UK pet population is around 57 million.

Mr Fay received a tweet from Microsoft Office in response to the children’s inventive and cunning plan.

The tweet read: “What a great use of PowerPoint! The question on everyone’s mind is…did it work?”

The Fays are now the proud owners of four fish, two dogs and a hamster named Toffee. Neil said: “It was pointed out to me on Twitter by some Everton followers that it was an Everton name.

“I’m a Liverpool fan and I don’t like hamsters, so Toffee fits for me.”

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