Peaky actor launches underwear range

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Actor and businessman Chris Bragan. Pic © CG Men

A Wirral actor who has starred in the hit BBC series Peaky Blinders has decided to diversify his skills by launching a new men’s underwear range.

Chris Bragan has joined forces with fellow ‘Peaky’ star, Geoff Holland, to bring out the garments under the name, ‘CG Men’.

Both Chris and Geoff met on the acting circuit four years ago and starred as prominent gang members in the most recent series of Peaky Blinders. They have also featured in British soap opera, ‘Emmerdale’ and the reboot of the sitcom, ‘Porridge’.

The pair decided that they would benefit from having a sideline of work in between roles, coming together with the idea after discussing as the filming for Series four ended.

Being a business owner has always been a dream for Mr Bragan due to the unreliable nature of the acting business. After nine months of working on the products, samples and creating an overall look, ‘CG Men’ has now been launched.

Chris told JMU Journalism: “I have always been creative and had a good eye for fashion and business, as well as always wanting to be my own boss, and I also think it’s important to fulfil your life’s ambitions as best you can.”

Although a contrast from acting, it seems to have become a passion for them both, as he explained: “It became my baby really, working with our web developers to develop and create a logo with masculine style that men would like, which we have now achieved.”

‘CG Men’ claims that colour, comfort and style were of paramount importance when they came up with the concept.

There are 30 new designs of underwear ready to be made for 2018/2019, alongside launching fitness ranges and the possibility of hitting the catwalks.

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