Pavilions looking to the future

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© LJPhotography

© LJPhotography

Up and coming Liverpool band Pavilions is setting out its path for the future with a new album release and a spring tour.

Bassist Alex Male told JMU Journalism: “We are in the final stages of putting the songs together for the new album, we’re making final tweaks and now it’s all about studio time and getting our demos recorded.

“With our newer material you can tell as a band we have matured, the song writing is more complex. There are a lot more heavy sections, melodic sections and more use of vocal harmonies.

“We feel the music more now; we can put a lot more across with the music and use it to better our performance on stage.”

The  post-hardcore, alternative rock band currently has an EP out on iTunes and other online stores, containing three songs including their most popular single Science and Gods alongside Family Tree and Hey Baby Let’s Dance.

Pavilions were formed in the summer of 2011 under the name Sydney Chasing Safety. Since then only three of the original members remain in the band Tezz Roberts (vocals), Ryan ‘Coop’ Cooper (guitar and vocals) and Tel Earthey (drums). Previous members of Pavilions have come and gone due to personal reasons which saw the entrance of bassist Alex Male and guitarist Alex Headen.

Alex said: “We did our first tour in November and it was the greatest feeling we have all had, it was a week-long, sleeping in a van, meeting new bands and playing for people in new areas.

“The band has gotten a lot tighter as time has gone on; everything’s a little more fluent.”

It wasn’t without problems though, Alex said: “Our biggest problem on tour was finding a shower; luckily we came up with the plan of touring leisure centres and going swimming each morning.”

It hasn’t been the easiest journey for the band, and Alex leaves this advice for anyone thinking about starting a band.

Alex said: “As a new up and coming band you will write songs that people will love whilst others hate it. Whilst receiving praise is the best part of being a musician, you have to remember that not everyone is going to like what you do. There are some negative comments that you can do nothing about, it is personal opinion. Other comments you can use and help you to develop your band further.”

The band toured in 2012 and is currently booking their next tour for Spring 2013. Announcements will be made via social networks.

Watch the Pavilions Science and Gods video

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