Ormskirk goes quackers for rubber duck race

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Race to the finish line. Pic © Scarlett O’Toole JMU Journalism

Ormskirk residents came out in force to support a rubber duck race, which was hosted by West Lancashire Borough Council.

At the race, which took place yesterday afternoon, people could sponsor a duck for £1 and they were then raced in Coronation Park’s pond.

Anne Faulkner, organiser of the event, told JMU Journalism: “The reason why I started the duck race is because I used to work for Halton Borough Council and I did a boat race across the pond there and it got really popular, it was a nice event.”

This was the council’s fourth annual sponsored duck race.

Half of the money raised was given to the sponsor of the winning duck, with the other half going to the West Lancashire Mayor’s charity.

YouTube: Scarlett O’Toole

Ms Faulkner said: “A lot of the money goes to charity and the community all really enjoy the event. It brings the community together.”

The event itself lasted around 20 minutes and saw people of all ages come together to race the ducks.

To ensure fairness, all of the ducks looked exactly the same and were weighted to keep them upright in the water. Each one had a number written on the underneath to easily identify the winner.

Ms Faulkner said: “No one could see which number crossed the finish line until I picked it up and told them the number that won.”

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