Objections to sale of Woolton Golf Club

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Woolton Golf Course pic © Sue Adair / Wiki Media Commons

Woolton Golf Course. Pic © Sue Adair / Wikimedia Commons

Liverpool’s Lib Dem leader has criticised the members of Woolton Golf Club after they voted in favour of selling up to a property developer.

Councillor Richard Kemp believes the site is vital to the Woolton and Allerton area, and feels it should remain a green space.

Property developer, Eric Grove, has bid to purchase the 45-acre land and is set to pay the Doe Park club £150,000 over the next three years to secure exclusivity on the site, meaning he has first refusal on any potential sale between now and 2019.

Over two thirds (69%) of Woolton Golf Club’s membership voted in favour of the sale, with the view of moving their club to Allerton Golf Course as part of a multi-million-pound deal. Cllr Kemp has suggested that some members of the club are approving of the potential sale for the wrong reasons.

He told JMU Journalism: “I think some people have joined that club with pound notes in their eyes.” Mr Kemp alleges that profits made from land sales for property development have been influential, adding: “I think some may have voted for that reason.

“They’ve certainly not talked to the council or operators of Allerton Golf Club, so one must doubt their sincerity by making this announcement of something which is almost certain not to happen.”

Cllr Kemp also doubts the relocation of Woolton Golf Club to Allerton would work, citing the layout of the course as a problem for any property plans.

He said: “Because of Speke Road, which runs through the golf course, there will be real problems with drainage, an increase of traffic and deliveries on very narrow roads so it doesn’t make sense on planning grounds.

“The council is very clear in what we want. Although it is operated by a private company, we want it run as a ‘turn up and play’, reasonably priced golf course and that is simply incompatible with the operation at Woolton Golf Club.”

Woolton Golf Club stated they were unavailable for comment at this time.

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