Blood test campaign inspires volunteers

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Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Pic © Shannon Lyon JMU Journalism

Royal Liverpool University Hospital has given people in the city the chance to find out what their blood group is.

The one-day only event took place in the reception of the hospital, to raise awareness of the constant need for donations.

People were given the opportunity to sign up on the blood donor register in exchange for the test, which was done by a finger prick, by trained staff.

There are two types of ways in which the public can get involved, one being pooling and the other a method known as ‘apheresis’, which involves platelets meaning people can donate more often.

Olivia Hadley, Biomedical Scientist at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, told JMU Journalism: “All of our blood gets tested and typed at Speke and Manchester as they are our closest ones. All the donations will go to a central centre to be tested and they are then distributed out.

“When you donate, you get a text of where it has gone to and when it has been used.”

YouTube: Shannon Lyon

When asked if there are some blood groups are needed more than others for donations, Olivia she said: “The ABs – both the negatives and the positives. We just don’t have a big patient pool of them, it’s normally As and Os.”

The NHS Blood and Transplant Sector is taking this campaign across many locations within the UK until the end of the month. To find out more visit the website or to register as a donor visit here or call 0300 123 23 23.

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