New exhibition gives facetime for visitors

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Vic McEwan's artwork of people's faces

Vic McEwan’s aretwork, 3D scans of faces. Pic © Grace Plowman JMU Journalism

An interactive exhibition at Tate Liverpool allows your face to become a part of the showcase.

Vic McEwan’s installation, ‘If They Spend The Time To Get To Know Me” is a piece which allows viewers to engage in the artwork, through the use of a 3D scanner and printer alongside an audio-visual display.

The exhibition is based upon the condition of facial nerve paralysis, as out of 100,000 people it is said that around 30 per cent will be affected.

The artist developed a creative partnership with Sydney Facial Nerve Clinic in order to inform people about those who face stigma and discrimination due to the issue.

Part of the exhibition includes a harp which demonstrates the five main facial nerves we have running through our head.

YouTube: Grace Plowman

Mr McEwan told JMU Journalism: “I had been doing a lot of work in hospitals, specifically Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. I was looking at how experimental contemporary arts practice might be able to address issues of sound levels and noise in hospitals.

“We look at the geometry of a person’s face, which looks beautiful and add them to our wall of photographs. We are aiming to reach up to 1,000 images whilst we are here.”

The exhibition runs until March 20.

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