Netflix movie underway in Liverpool

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Liverpool is being used to recreate Germant in the late 1930’s

Historic locations around Liverpool are being used to shoot new Netflix spy thriller, Munich 38.

The Robert Harris inspired film is set with Europe on the brink of the second world war. Beginning in 1938, when Neville Chamberlain secured the Munich Agreement with Hitler, Munich 38 follows two old friends who rush to Germany for an emergency.

According to the Radio Times, Jeremy Irons is set to play former Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain in the film.

With filming already completed in Germany in November, Liverpool will also see its iconic buildings featured in the thriller.

Jessica Gowing from Childwall is a camera assistant working on Munich 38. She told JMU Journalism: “In Liverpool, areas such as the Exchange Flags are being used as set. Also, around the docks area. Anywhere that has buildings that fit the time period.”

Filming is also due to take place in the south of England, however the exact location is unknown.

There is lots of travel involved on the production but Ms Gowling is happy to be filming in her home city: “One of the best things about the job is you don’t live the same day twice and the locations you get to go to are like no other.

“The other day I was stood on the roof Martins bank in town. I shot high up on the ground where the camera was basically hanging off the building. There are lovely views from there and it was a gorgeous interior.”

Filming a major Netflix thriller during a pandemic has its difficulties and the team have had to adapt to ensure they are Covid-safe.

Ms Gowing said: “Filming during this pandemic has been harder on everyone as normally we’re filming in enclosed small spaces and within our teams we need to be close to help each other out.

“As you can imagine everything takes a bit longer as we have to wipe all the kit down and try to avoid contact as much as possible. But we’re coping!”

The extra time required means early starts and late finishes for Ms Gowling and her colleagues.

“A typical day on set starts very early. The camera team tend to be needed before the unit call so we get to unit base for our breakfast and head on the minibus to the location where we’re shooting to be met with our camera truck and we offload the kit and get set up.

“The cast will rehearse a scene and then show the crew after, so everyone knows what we’re shooting and what they need to do to complete the scene.

“Many days are so busy, and you don’t stop! But other days there’s a lot of waiting around as there’s a lot of planning and preparation for particular scenes. A normal day tends to be about 12 hours overall then there’s travel with it. You get used to it after a while.”

Munich 38 is due to be released in 2021.



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