Mystery runner is social media hit

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Mystery man runs half-naked in all weather conditions

Man runs half-naked in all weather conditions

A mystery runner has been spotted sprinting around different areas of Liverpool – wearing just a pair of gloves and running shorts whatever the weather.

A Facebook page was set up to in his honour in September this year and now has more than 5,000 fans.

Many pictures and comments have been posted in tribute to the ‘Litherland Running Man’, or ‘LRM’.

The man, who is thought to be middle-aged, has been spotted in areas of Litherland, as well as Crosby, Thornton, Blundellsands and Bootle.

The anonymous administrator of the tribute page said: “This is to recognise the achievement of the half-naked man who runs around Sefton eight days a week, 48 hours a day.

“This unknown athlete in training is a local phenomenon. Often seen in all weathers and at all times of day, his training and endurance is going unrecognised.”

He has caused quite a stir amongst local residents by running half-naked, no matter what the weather.

Pictures have shown him running last winter during the snowy period and at Crosby beach with the waves lapping at his feet.

The page administrator added: “He is built like a machine and chooses to wear only a pair of 1980 Sebastian Coe replica running shorts.

“A trademark bandage on his calf also makes him stand out from the rest of the fair-weather joggers seen in the Litherland area.”

The ‘Forrest Gump of Bootle’ swims in the Leeds-Liverpool canal in summer and wears a miner’s lamp on his head during night time excursions, photographic evidence of this has also been posted onto the tribute Facebook page.

One resident, Ronald McCloy, posted: “I have seen him out and about in Sefton in the rain, and when it’s cold, but I don’t see the point.

“Maybe he just likes to be seen and noticed. He may be fit now but I don’t think his joints will be in the future.”

Facebook users fear that the identity of the LRM will be revealed after he has become an internet sensation through recent media interest – however, fans of the site have been told to ‘respect his privacy’ and keep his true identity a secret.

Emma Seasman posted: “My brother in law just told me that LRM is a mate of one of his mates.

“He even told me LRM’s ‘real name’!!!!!

“At first, my belief in this legend was dashed with the revelations of a mortal’s tedious nombre, so I have chosen to ignore his words.

“His name is The Litherland Running Man, and that’s all I need to know.”

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