Mystery donation gives Charlie his chance

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp with Charlie Fearns and his younger brother © Sophie Fearns

A Merseyside boy’s cancer treatment has been given the go-ahead after a large donation from an anonymous patron.

Charlie Fearns, 11, has been battling Leukaemia for over eight years, but will now travel to the Seattle Children’s Hospital in the United States to complete his treatment.

Kind donors have raised huge amounts to help Charlie battle cancer since it was first discovered when he was aged three, including Liverpool FC legend Steven Gerrard, who gave £25,000 to the Charlie’s Chance charity last year.

However, just three weeks ago Charlie relapsed after his previous Car T cell transplant failed, meaning a second attempt must be made to try and successfully treat the condition.

Charlie’s family and friends have been working tirelessly since they found out, to raise the £150,000 required for the special treatment in America.

Their efforts haves now paid off after an anonymous donor has paid the entire fee, allowing Charlie to receive the necessary care.

Speaking to JMU Journalism, Charlie’s mum Sophie Fearns said: “On top of everything else you’re going through, it’s always a huge pressure worrying about whether we will reach the target within the timescale needed. This donor just came along and literally took all that pressure away.

“I cried all day, everyone did, because when you’re fighting to save your child’s life it’s terrifying, exhausting and feels impossible.

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“It’s a phenomenal gesture and we will be eternally grateful for them giving Charlie the chance. We can only hope that one day we can repay them. We respect that they want to remain anonymous, but I just wish I could hug them and tell them how amazing they are and what it means to us.

“This person whoever, wherever they are, have given Charlie another chance to end this battle once and for all. We are so incredibly thankful to everyone that donated and shared our story to be in this position today. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

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