Mystery as missing ‘Banksy’ work returns

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New ‘Banksy’ Love Plane. Pic © Rohin Jalota JMU Journalism

A Banksy painting in the city centre which went missing has mysteriously reappeared in its former location.

Pictures taken on Rumford Street surfaced on social media appearing to show the famous Banksy ‘Love Plane’ repainted on the wall.

Dean Paton, founder of Big Heritage which now looks after the nearby Western Approaches Museum, said he spotted “a hooded figure” repainting the wall amongst a flurry of onlookers.

The original ‘Love Plane’ graffiti was painted back in 2011 and become one of the artist’s best-known works in Liverpool, but was removed in 2016 with plans for it to be displayed in a street art gallery.

However, the gallery never materialised and the artwork bizarrely disappeared.

At the time of the artwork removal, some were furious with land developers’ decision to house it in a gallery. A plaque announcing the move was defaced by a member of the public with a message stating people should not be charged to see street art.

The message read: “Dear robbing b*******, street art is not meant to be put in a museum. It’s here for everyone to enjoy, not for the elite, not for an entrance fee.”

Youtube: Rohin Jalota

The new artwork shows the Love Plane inside the hole that was left by the removal of the previous work but with a new sarcastic tagline.

The plane is now pulling a black banner with the words “I’m Back” emblazoned upon it.

Banksy’s famous Giant Rat artwork on Berry Street/Duke Street was also removed from Liverpool a number of years ago and sold to an anonymous Qatari buyer.

The infamously secretive artist is yet to confirm the new artwork is his with a traditional post on his Instagram page, so we will have to wait and see if this truly is a comeback by Banksy.

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