Morning rave dances come to town

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Morning Glory Banner. Pic © JMU Journalism

Morning Glory Banner. Pic © JMU Journalism

A new dance initiative aimed at energising people before they go to work has opened in Liverpool.

Morning Gloryville, an early morning rave founded in London last year, has opened its dance floors at Constellations in the Baltic Triangle last Wednesday.

The aim of the project is to energise yourself before the rest of the day begins by raving and dancing before heading off to work. The new trend involves ‘conscious clubbing’ which doesn’t include the consumption of alcohol or drugs and allows for any ages to join.

Running from 6am until 10:30am the new fitness craze, which has proved popular places such as London, Sydney, New York and Tokyo, included a line-up of DJs and enthusiastic ravers.

Event organiser Lisa Bostock told JMU Journalism: “This is our first time coming to Liverpool and you basically take on the clubbing culture without the alcohol.

“You can start the day off and feel energised. It’s also just a lovely place to connect with other people on the dance floor.”

As well as live music, yoga classes, alcohol-free refreshments and massages were on offer with participants ranging from young babies to the elderly who wore soundproof headphones.

Video report by Holly Jones, JMU Journalism TV

Hula hoop performer Jula Hoops told JMU Journlism: “It’s normally the other way round, leaving this time in the morning to go home,  not coming out to rave at this time in the morning.

“I can’t believe how many people have come so early on a week day in the cold. It’s brilliant, a great atmosphere.”

Tattoo artist Petra Kučerová took part in the ‘Bring the Fire’ project at the event and told JMU Journalism: “It’s my first time here. We are fire dancing group and we were here doing a LED show a few minutes ago. It’s awesome I really like it.”

Ann Maloney, 67, admitted she was wary initially, saying:  “I was in the background when it was all coming together a bit scared, because Liverpool isn’t London. I’ve just seen this project grow through excitement and stress. However, today is beyond my wild expectations. It’s like a new life, discovering a new dimension.”

The next Morning Gloryville event in Liverpool will be held on the 3rd December at Constellations in the Baltic Triangle.

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