More plans for New Brighton regeneration

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The Harbour is one of many pubs in the area that has either been refurbished/re-opened. Pic © JMU Journalism

Additional plans are being put in place for the ongoing huge regeneration scheme in New Brighton which will see the area transformed.

Rockpoint Leisure is behind the scheme which has seen mass changes take place around Victoria Road.

There are currently proposals to introduce a barber, coffee and tattooist shop concept all mashed into one, and a British and Chinese infused restaurant. Other things are in the pipeline which could potentially be a cultural draw for the town.

The project first began in August 2018 and so far, the area has seen numerous changes, including multiple new bars and independent stores.

Ian Richards, the group brand director for Rockpoint Leisure, told JMU Journalism: “We watched Victoria Road over the years fall into terminal decline. This time last year on Victoria Road it was an entirely different place. You had maybe a dozen buildings boarded up, the pub had shutters all over it and it was sucking the life out of the community.”

As well as new businesses there is a massive push on street art in the area, and last weekend renowned street artist Ben Eine completed a piece for the square.

YouTube: Matthew Nyland

The street art is a large part of Rockpoint’s regeneration with there being around 12-15 pieces. It’s one of many plans to draw people to the area and the organisation is currently speaking to another four artists.

Speaking on the importance of the regeneration to New Brighton, Mr Richards said: “Over the years, due to vast amounts of mismanagement, the town has lost a lot of its cultural assets. New Brighton once had a tower that was taller than the one in Blackpool, there was a 3,000-capacity ballroom where the Beatles played 27 times. It was a really magical place in its heyday.”

He added: “The ultimate goal is that everyone benefits, neighbourhoods improve, there’s greater footfall and tourism, there’s a greater media interest and New Brighton is a nicer place to live.”

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