Meteor shower witnessed over city

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© Emily Solman/Twitter

A meteor shower appeared over Liverpool last night, sending Twitter users into a frenzy, with sightings reported all over the UK.

The shower, which could be seen from as far as Dublin, appeared just before midnight on Friday, and within minutes was a trending topic on the social networking site.

Liverpool Twitter user Michael Doran tweeted: “I feel like I have witnessed a once in a lifetime moment seeing the meteor shower over Liverpool #shootingstar #meteor.”

Some Liverpool residents took to the site to confirm what they had just seen: “Did anyone else just see what looked like a #meteor shower over #Liverpool?” said Liverpool actor, Tony Blaney.

The meteor shower comes just weeks after the people of Liverpool were able to witness the annual Perseid Meteor Shower light up the city’s skies.

Experts say that in the right lighting conditions, when there is a shower often ten or more meteors can be seen per hour.

Other areas with reported sightings of the meteor shower include Blackpool, Manchester, Chester and Northern Ireland.



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