Merseyside soldier wins bravery award

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Corporal Josh Griffiths © Josh Griffiths/Facebook

A Merseyside soldier who fought Taliban rebels despite breaking his back has been awarded a miltitary honour for his bravery.

Corporal Josh Griffiths, from Eastham on the Wirral, fought off insurgents in Nad Ali, Afghanistan while suffering the back injury moments before.

The 24-year-old was eating dinner at his base camp when a suicide bomber drove a truck into the wall. Griffiths was thrown off his chair from the impact of the blast and broke his back in the process. Despite his injury he continued to fight and protect fellow wounded soldiers.

He told BBC News: “I heard lads screaming so the job just took over and I pushed forward, treated them and pushed forward again. I think adrenalin kicked in. Around me there were a lot of casualties.

“I just think I’m a normal soldier and I was just doing my job and I know for a fact that anyone who was in my situation would have done the same.”

Griffiths is among 117 servicemen and women who have been recommended for awards by their commanding officers for acting beyond the call of duty.

The Conspicuous Gallantry Cross will be presented to Cpl Josh Griffiths by the Queen at a ceremony to be held at Buckingham Palace later this year. The cross is one of the highest military honours and given to servicemen and women who demonstrate an act of gallantry during active operations against the enemy.

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