Merseyrail stubs out smoking with ban

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Merseyrail train. Pic © Chloe Smith JMU Journalism

Local train line Merseyrail has announced a smoking ban on its platforms.

The railway company will implement the new rules from December 1st.

From this date, passengers will be prohibited from lighting up in any public areas of Merseyrail stations and platforms, with the exception of car parks.

The injunction also includes the use of vaping with e-cigarettes, to which Law Enforcement Officers will actively ask passengers to stop.

The move comes off the back of a recent campaign, ‘Stoptober’, which organisers say has driven over one million quit attempts to date and is the biggest mass bid to stop smoking in the country.

YouTube: Stoptober

Merseyrail carries aproximately 110,000 passengers daily and operates one of the most intensively used networks in the UK, with more than 600 trains per weekday.

This ban also runs alongside Merseyrail’s pledge to help provide cleaner air.

Andy Heath, Managing Director of Merseyrail, said: “The comfort of passengers on our network is absolutely paramount to us, so I am pleased to announce a smoking ban across all of our stations and platforms.

“Those who wish to smoke will be able to do so in station car parks or off station property, however we want all passengers to be able to use our trains and stations comfortably and without the risks of passive smoking, such as lung cancer, asthma and pneumonia.”

Warnings will be issued to anyone smoking on platforms following December 1st, however, those that continue may be faced with fines from January 1st 2020.


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