Meow about a cat café in Liverpool?

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Cafe Meow owners Laura and David. Pic © Laura Clinton

Cafe Meow owners Laura and David. Pic © Laura Clinton

A Liverpool couple is looking to open the city’s first cat café with financial backing for the project growing online.

David Howe, 21, and partner Laura Clinton, 20, who met whilst studying in Manchester, drew inspiration for the idea following a summer trip to Thailand.

A cat café’s main attraction is cats that can be watched and played with. After gaining an appreciation for the concept, they returned home and began planning their own business – which they later named ‘Cafe Meow’.

Speaking to JMU Journalism, Howe said: “One year prior to the project I became interested in investment and business because I felt the compulsion to be my own boss and have a real sense of ownership.

“In August, we were Skyping and sharing ideas for a potential business which could integrate our love for everything Asian, and that’s when Laura mentioned the Cat Café.”

The pair first began a Facebook page, reaching out to those who may be interested in the project. After discovering an interest, they followed this by creating a crowdfunding appeal.

Clinton told JMU Journalism: “In order for us to get this project launched we need to reach £15,000 in total. Every penny and pound counts, and we have some fantastic rewards to hand out in return for others’ investment.

The pair's cat, 'Fluff'. Pic © Laura Clinton

The pair’s cat, ‘Fluff’. Pic © Laura Clinton

Though the funding page has recently seen a spike in backing, Laura admitted the pair are unsure about reaching their goal. With around seven weeks still to go, though, they remain positive for the time being.

With a view to open a cafe in the city centre next year, Laura gave an insight into the potential interior, saying: “There will hopefully be cats and a lot of toys for them to engage with — climbing frames, rope walks, shelves, houses and so on.

“The interior will be fresh looking and bright with a statement mural. We want to reflect the authenticity of cat cafés from Japan – minimalistic and zen-like.”

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