Mental health awareness raised

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The Liverpool Mental Health Consortium is hosting an event in Williamson Square to support the campaign, as well as aiming to promote how people with mental health conditions can get help from charities on Merseyside.

The public will have the chance to speak to volunteers from various charities from across Liverpool about any concerns they have about themselves or loved ones, helping people understand that they are not alone and help is easy to ask for.

Nathan Hebblestone, from the Sefton branch of Imagine Health charity, told JMU Journalism: “We will be in Williamson Square on Wednesday and we just want to tell people about what we do. ”

“Dealing with a mental health issue can be very scary and a lot of people don’t know who to turn to. Since last year’s Mental Health Awareness week we have seen a larger number of people coming to us for help. Even though our funding sometimes can be difficult to spread over a large amount of people, we are always here.”

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