Maloney through amid self-voting reports

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Christopher Maloney on X Factor © ITV

Christopher Maloney may have survived another week on X Factor but his dream chance is slowly turning into a nightmare, with another wave of negative media reports and judges branding him ‘the karaoke king’.

After reports emerged that X Factor insiders are accusing the Liverpudlian of repeatedly voting for himself, Maloney is now in the final six acts but he seems to be finding each week harder than the last.

Admitting that his bad press was getting him down, Maloney defiantly sang ‘I’m Still Standing’ by Elton John for this week’s ‘Best of British’ theme, but the judges were full of criticism for him again.

Nicole Scherzinger told the 34-year-old: “I like the confidence that you came out with. Make sure you never confuse the confidence with cockiness. I liked the performance. At times I thought you were a little nervous and it was a little lacklustre. To me you’re like a karaoke king.”

Louis Walsh was quick to repeat the ‘karaoke king’ jibe, while Tulisa told Maloney: “I’m getting bored telling you I don’t like it.” Maloney looked upset by the defeatist comments.

His mentor Gary Barlow jumped to his defence, saying: “You completely nailed it. You shocked me this week. The progression has been immense, so I congratulate you for that well done.”

Earlier in the week, the Kirkdale singer hit the headlines again. According to the Mirror, backstage staff have witnessed Maloney’s voting technique, with one member of the crew saying: “I’ve seen him dialling and redialling his own number over and over again. It’s sad really but he wants it that much that he is spending a fortune.”

Before Saturday’s performance, Chris Maloney fought back at both the public and the media: “On [last] Sunday there was a little bit of a mixed reaction in the audience. All I’m trying to do is my best. It’s been written in the paper that I’m actually voting for myself. I don’t know where they got that from.”

Maloney, who is quoted in the Mirror as admitting voting “a few times”, was the last act to be announced as safe, as the two boy bands went up against each other and District 3 were sent home.


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