LJMU event marks Black History Month

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The Black Germany exhibit was revealed at the Aldham Robarts Library. Pic © JMU Journalism

An event forming part of Black History Month will be held by Liverpool John Moores University in a what organisers describe as a “ground-breaking” international exhibition.

The ‘Black Germany: Before the Second World War’ exhibit starts from October 7th to October 11th 2019 and will teach visitors about the country’s lesser known pre-war black community.

The exhibit is based on research from University of Liverpool lecturer, Professor Eve Rosenhaft, and Sheffield University lecturer, Dr Robbie Aitken.

Their research culminated in the book ‘Black Germany the Making and Unmaking of a Diaspora Community, 1884-1960’, which is the first work to give an in-depth look at

the development of a black community in Germany post-1884.

Speaking to JMU Journalism, Dr Aitken said: “Very little is known about this black population which has largely been written out of German history. This is very much a hidden history.”

Dr Aitken is set to talk about his findings at the Kuumba Imani Centre in Princes Road on October 10th.

One of the organisers and LJMU lecturer, Dr Andre Keil, thinks this is a chance to be more educated about black communities.

Twitter- Daniel Williams

He told JMU Journalism: “Even in Germany very few people know about this [community]. We thought Black History Month would be a great opportunity to change this and encourage students to question some of their views on modern Germany.”

The exhibit is free and will be held at the Aldham Robarts Library.

LJMU is hosting two more events this month. Black Liverpool will be held at Phase One on October 16th and offers a chance to eat food and see performances from the black community.

Local Liverpool author, Rose Thomas, is set to visit LJMU to talk about her 2018 novel ‘Bess: Now That I Have Found the Words’ on October 23rd, also at Aldham Robarts Library.

From around the city, there are a number of highlights this month. This includes a live music event telling the story of Reggae music at the Playhouse Theatre on October 10th, a Masquerade at the World Museum on October 12th and a chance to learn about how enslaved African people escaped to freedom at the International Slavery Museum on October 27th.

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