May backs MelloMello protest campaign

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MelloMello © Adam Bruderer/creativecommons/Flickr’

Queen guitarist and LJMU’s Chancellor Brian May has shown his support to stop Liverpool City Council from moves which could force the closure of MelloMello.

The Slater Street cafe and live music venue could shut down as the council plans to remove business relief rates meaning the business will be forced to pay £30,000 a year. Owners say this will result in administration, then closure.

MelloMello Community Interest Group (CIC) Online has received more than 5,000 signatures in 48 hours on petitions against the council’s move, with Queen’s Brian May among the cafe’s supporters.

Dr May tweeted: “Stop LCC from closing MelloMello. Raising rates will close community music & arts facility, stabbing cultural heart.”

A press release by MelloMello CIC stated: “As a city which prides itself on its cultural heritage, Liverpool Council’s decision to force MelloMello, a company dedicated to the promotion of local artistic endeavours, into administration sends a clear message of continued cultural indifference and a blatant lack of desire to support the city’s grassroots artists, musicians and creative businesses.”

MelloMello CIC is a not-for-profit business, providing a platform for numerous local bands and performers to show off their talents. The venue plays host to many students and locals, who swarmed to social networking sites to show their support.

Andrew Ellis tweeted: “Please sign and re-tweet. Don’t let LCC force Mello Mello out of business.”

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