Liverpool One shoppers at all-time high

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Liverpool ONE ©Liverpool ONE PR

Liverpool One © Liverpool One PR

Liverpool One recorded its busiest shopping day in five years last Saturday.

There was an increase of nearly 5% in visitors to the retail and leisure destination, with sales growth of around 9% compared to the same Saturday last year.

Estate Director Chris Bliss said: “Like the Americans anticipate ‘Black Friday’ as the start of the Christmas retail rush, for us the first Saturday after November payday can see over double the amount of shoppers than an average Saturday, a ‘Super Saturday’ you might say.”

The bumper weekend wasn’t just a success for an increase in sales, it also resulted in an uplift of visits to the Ice Festival in Chavasse Park and a rise in the number of people dining in the numerous restaurants nearby.

Bliss believes that the upturn in visits shows that shoppers are favouring visiting the shopping centre over online shopping because they want to physically buy gifts for their loved ones.

This year the shopping centre has welcomed new additions such as independent boutique Tessuti, with Ted Baker doubling in size and it has also welcomed back the Harvey Nichols Food Market Pop-Up for a third consecutive year.

Bliss added: “This has been a great year for Liverpool ONE and the significant increase in footfall is very promising as we move towards Christmas. In December last year we saw more than 3.5 million visitors to Liverpool ONE and we’re expecting this year to be just as strong.”

With just four weeks to go until Christmas Day, it looks as though Christmas at Liverpool ONE is going to be a successful one with more and more people also availing of the ‘Click and Collect’ service that many of Liverpool ONE’s stores allow shoppers to choose what they wish to buy online and then pick it up in store.

Liverpool ONE is currently continuing to outdo most other UK retail centres, soaring ahead of the trading average by 26%.

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