Liverpool is UK’s second safest city

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Liverpool waterfront. Photo: Ida Husøy

The UK Statistics Authority has declared that Liverpool is the second safest city in the UK, after Newcastle.

The figures, disclosed by the Government in response to a parliamentary question by Tory MP Philip Hollobone, show offences across all of England’s police forces.

According to the 2011/12 statistics, 10 people in every thousand people here are burgled, while violent attacks and motor offences are twice as common in London than in the area patrolled by Merseyside Police.

People living in Birmingham are 10% more likely to have their home burgled than in Liverpool; Mancunians and Londonders are 20% more likely, and, in Sheffield, it rises to 50%.

The Mayoral Lead for Community Safety, Cllr Peter Brennan, told JMU Journalism: “We are delighted with this announcement. It dispels all the critics and the stereotypes that Liverpool gets. What I do question is how Newcastle ranked first. We need to look at what they do there and learn from them, and then maybe we’ll come first.”

The view of Liverpool from above Photo: Ida Husøy

Noting Harry Enfield’s infamous Scousers characters, Cllr Brennan added: “Comedians don’t do us favours. Once you’ve got that stereotype, it’s hard to shake off.”

Liverpool was also awarded Purple Flag status last year for its excellent partnerships between police, city council and city centre management and its continued efforts to keep the area safer and cleaner.

With projects like the ‘wet facility’, where street drinkers are allowed to consume their alcohol, and ‘Terriers; a play’, set up by the police, aimed at young people, tackling the issues they face, such as knife crime and cyber bullying, Cllr Brennan believes these innovative ideas have a part to play in Liverpool’s success.

He told JMU Journalism: “If people don’t believe this news, and still think all Scousers are violent thieves, the statistical evidence can disprove that, and we are going to sing it loud and proud!”

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