City is ‘crash for cash’ fraud hotspot

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The top 10 areas in the UK for 'crash for cash' fraud. Image © Crimestoppers

The top 10 areas in the UK for ‘crash for cash’ fraud. Image © Crimestoppers

Liverpool has been named as one of the UK’s hotspots for ‘crash for cash’ insurance fraud.

This comes as Crimestoppers, in conjunction with the Insurance Fraud Bureau, have started a campaign to cut down on insurance scammers.

Liverpool ranked 16th on the UK’s top 20 ‘crash for cash’ hotspots, with other cities including London, Manchester, Bolton and Birmingham also on the list. The number one spot was taken by Bradford.

Director of operations for Crimestoppers Roger Critchell said: “This is a serious and organised crime that funds other crimes, including weapons and drug smuggling.”

A typical crash for cash scenario involves the would-be fraudster slamming on their car’s brakes suddenly and without warning, giving the car behind no time to react and causing a collision.

The fraudster then blames the other driver for causing the collision and places a claim with their insurance company for extortionate sums of up to £30,000.

According to statistics released by the Insurance Fraud Bureau, frauds like these cost the government approximately £400m a year, with one in a seven personal injury claims linked to suspected scams.

Shockingly, the statistics also claim that one in ten people in the UK would consider taking part in a similar scheme for financial gain.

David Neave, Chairman of the Insurance Fraud Bureau, said: “Insurance fraud costs us all. Are you happy giving fraudsters £50 of your money each and every year?

“By deliberately causing accidents, fraudsters are gambling with the lives of innocent people.

“Far from being a victimless crime, insurance fraud is something we all need to be wary of.”

Anybody who has suspicions about claims is urged to ring Cheatline anonymously on 0800 422 0421.

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