Liverpool in top five emigration cities

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A rainy day in Liverpool. Photo: Ida Husøy

Liverpool is among the top five cities in the UK for people looking to leave the country, according to a local emigration company.

And Chester-based The Emigration Group has warned that more and more middle class families are escaping the dull weather and expensive housing in Britain to move abroad to live in Australia or New Zealand.

Managing Director Paul Arthur told JMU Journalism: “As we are North West based, Liverpool in our perspective is a prosperous town and in the past 15 years it has moved itself to become a stronger, more vibrant city.

“People are driven now; they have economic concerns especially if they have families. They are concerned about their children’s futures.”

As job and career prospects are believed to be much better in Australia and New Zealand, the number of Liverpool people wishing to emigrate is rising.

Dean and Jennifer  Case moved from Croxteth to Western Perth, Australia, earlier this year. Mr Case said: “It was just a natural step, I was made redundant, there was nothing in Liverpool for us so we decided Australia was the place for us.

“It was definitely our best decision it’s been such an enriching experience.  We’ve recently purchased our first home here so who knows what the future holds for us.”

The findings are backed by a national survey conducted by Huddersfield University. The findings suggest that three in five people would like to emigrate overseas ‘due to a loss of  community spirit’ in Britain.

Researchers have found that British citizens want to live in communities that have optimistic attitudes.

Mr Arthur said: “Australia is not in recession. There is a brain-drain going on in the UK and it’s a concern.

“There are plenty of skilled and professional people looking for better opportunities including lifestyle, properties and job prospects. Australia and New Zealand can offer these, as it is booming economically.”

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