Liverpool Halloween spirit lives on

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With Merseyside under Tier 3 lockdown restrictions this Halloween, trick or treating has been advised against and house parties are prohibited.

Fear not, Scousers are finding new and imaginative ways to breathe life into Saturday’s spooky celebrations.

JMU Journalism has drawn up a shortlist of creative ideas that are guaranteed to keep the spirit alive – all socially distanced, (super) naturally!

Halloween Disco anyone?

Mobile DJ, David Birch is hosting his own DJ set this Saturday to keep spirits high and glasses full. Using the streaming platform Twitch he will transform his own living room into a nightclub for anyone seeking that bit of weekend normality.

The 45-year-old (pictured right) said: “It is trying to get something to people when they are stuck in the house. They don’t need get down with their mental health. People are wanting to go out and want to do something and it’s not brilliant but at least we can still have our parties within our four walls.”

The night will consist of party lovers dressing up in fancy dress and chatting to each other in chat rooms socialising and making friends.

If this sounds like something up your street this Halloween, then get raving at

Just how good are your carving skills?

With many Pumpkin patches opening all over the city there can be no excuses when it comes to practicing your carving skills.

Things might get heated with carving party competitions being hosted across the city, but don’t let your creative light die out.

The Owen’s household are now on their second round in their competition after it all got a bit too competitive and a final winner can’t be agreed upon.

Anyone fancy a makeover?

Apryl Williams has been artistic since she was very young. She loved to draw and traded her pens and pencils for make-up as she got older.

The 27-year-old hospital appointments co-ordinator from Wirral said: “I fell in love with it. I just loved the idea that you could transform yourself into whatever you wanted, from a zombie to a fairy, there is just so much you can do.”

Miss Williams has set herself a 31-day Halloween challenge where she has created a different spooky look each day throughout October.

“Halloween is my favourite time of the year and this challenge gives me an opportunity to share with those that can’t get out and enjoy the decorations displayed in the community.

“Depending on what look I’ve chosen it can take up to four hours. Finding time to do the challenge is difficult as I’ve got to do a look each day.

How about a bit of DIY?

Many families have unleashed their inner DIY by transforming their homes into ‘haunted houses’ using gargoyles, life size vampires and holographic ghosts.

Mother-of-two, Katie Griffths redecorated her Anfield home to raise money for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

She said: “I’ve also done it for everyone that has come into contact with Alder Hey at any point in their life, or their child’s life.

“We don’t know how much we’ve raised yet as it all goes into a sealed bucket. Come November 1st it’ll all be counted and taken straight to them.”

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