Liverpool goes mad for mochi

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Liverpool has hopped on to the latest TikTok trend – a fad that involves the consumption of small ice cream balls wrapped in mochi dough.

The snacks, which are called ‘Little Moons’ have arguably become the most popular treats in Liverpool following many users sharing videos of themselves trying the products online.

The hashtag #LittleMoons has now gained over 95 million views on TikTok, making it one of the most popular trends of the year so far.

Little Moons co-founder Howard Wong said in a statement: “It’s been incredible to watch this go viral and seeing how much people are loving Little Moons. Our sales have gone up exponentially and we’re seeing empty shelves across all our retailers which we’re rushing to re-stock, so we don’t disappoint people trying to get their hands on Little Moons.”

One place in particular, where these Japanese dainties can be found is ‘Tesco’. Since the craze started, ‘Tesco’ has seen an increase of 700% in Little Moons sales.

The surge in demand has meant that Tesco stores in Liverpool have been sold out and received a huge influx of queries about the product.

Tesco worker Grainne Quigley.

Grainne Quigley, a 22-year-old who works at the London Road Tesco in Liverpool said:

“They’ve been extremely popular. I have multiple people coming in asking about them a day. They’re currently sold out.

“I notice a lot of the younger ones come in and ask about them.”

The brand, which has been around since 2010 has only recently become a hugely known brand.

Miss Quigley also added: “I only really became aware of them at the end of last year.”

The end of last year was when the mochi balls blew up on social media, so ‘Little Moons’ success in Liverpool can be owed to its TikTok popularity.

Grainne’s full interview can be listened to below.


Tyler Allen, 22, was on the hunt for ‘Little Moons’ in the Tesco Superstore on Saint Oswald’s Street.

She said: “I’ve been looking for them for ages, but they’re sold out everywhere. It’s so frustrating, I’m dying to try them.”

Many twitter users have also shared their dismay at being unable to find the snacks.

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