Councillor speaks at United Nations

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Anna Rothery became the first Liverpool councillor to address United Nations

A politician has made history by becoming the first Liverpool councillor to address the United Nations.

Councillor Anna Rothery spoke this month about minority rights at the world governing body’s Swiss base in Geneva and described the experience as “an absolutely amazing opportunity”.

Cllr Rothery, who represents Princess Park for Labour, told JMU Journalism: “I come from Toxteth, and I am therefore local to the area that I represent, diverse communities have a lot to offer and without a political role, they will not have the opportunity to show this.”

She made an historic presentation to the fifth session of the Forum on Minority Issues on ‘Implementing the United Nations Declaration on Minority Rights: Identifying positive practices and opportunities’.

Her speech, entitled: ‘Liverpool – A Case Study on Minorities and Effective Political Participation’ was delivered to an audience of over 55 represented countries.

Cllr Rothery who chairs Liverpool City Council’s Culture and Tourism Select Committee, has been active as a city councillor in many events which promote the participation of BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) in civic life.

Cllr Rothery, said: “My initiative – the reaffirmation to the original declaration on the rights of the persons belonging to national or ethnic, religious or linguistic minorities – was signed by Mayor Anderson on behalf of him and the city of Liverpool. It was well received by Jane Connors, the chief of Special initiatives Branch, and has opened the way for the initiative to be rolled out across the UK and UN.

“It brings a new dimension to the cause, it is important to show the progress being made in minority groups.”

When asked what it meant to be the first Liverpool councillor to address the United Nations, she said: “I didn’t actually realise that I was, it was an honour to act as an envoy for Liverpool.”

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