Liverpool Comedy Festival is back

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Rehearsals are underway at the Royal Court Liverpool for Sons of the Desert © Royal Court/Twitter

Rehearsals are underway at the Royal Court Liverpool for Sons of the Desert © Royal Court/Twitter

The Liverpool Comedy Festival is returning to Liverpool this week, with 70 shows over seven days.

The festival will run from September 26th to October 6th at more than 20 venues across the city, featuring acts such as Bill Bailey who will perform at the Philharmonic Hall, Tony Law and rapper/comedian Doc Brown.

There is also a range of local talent on display, including Keith Carter, Jamie Sutherland, Dave Twentyman, Sam Avery, Jake Mills and many more.

Dave Twentyman, a comedian from St Helens, told JMU Journalism: “I’m doing a show called ‘You’re Quite Funny For A Wool, La’. It’s a daft title but it’s a backhanded compliment that’s been said to me a few times after gigging in Liverpool. I guess for me it’s about being accepted by the Scousers.

“We share a county but I think they think of us ‘wools’ as a bit like the cousin with the wonky eye! I always look forward to gigging in Liverpool, it’s my favourite audience without a doubt.”

This is the 12th time the festival has come to Liverpool as comedians will perform in bars, theatres, shops and even in the Anglican Cathedral. The festival is jam-packed with comedy clubs, plays, readings, quizzes and sports. The Royal Court Theatre will be running a world premiere stage version of the Laurel and Hardy classic ‘The Sons of the Desert’ throughout the festival.

Iain Christie, the marketing manager for the Comedy Festival told JMU Journalism: “We aim to bring comedy from all over the country to the city. We try to get a mix of big names and less known names together to offer a great show.

“The festival is not just about the big acts but about encouraging people to see less known acts for cheap prices before they reach the big arenas. John Bishop performed in the festival as a local many years ago before he became known across the country.”

The Comedy Trust has been working with the Heritage Lottery Fund to produce a film, exhibition and performance about the history of Liverpool.

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