Liverpool celebrates St Patrick’s Day

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Gallery: St. Patrick's Day. Photo: Ida Husøy

Gallery: St. Patrick’s Day. Photo: Ida Husøy

With Liverpool being one of the best cities outside of Ireland to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, town was buzzing with people joining into the festivities on Sunday.

Outside O’Neill’s bar people were starting the party early as the queues started forming at noon, as locals joined Irish ex-pats to raise a few glasses to St Patrick.

Hayley Wilson, a student from Northern Ireland told JMU Journalism. “I love coming to Liverpool for St Paddy’s. It’s my favourite city, they love the Irish here and I think it’s just as good as back home.”

Earlier in the morning, Liverpool held its very first St Patrick’s Day parade which passed through Vauxhall, historically known as a major area for Irish settlement, while even the Kop went green in tribute this weekend.

Elsewhere stalls were busy with people wanting to buy Irish merchandise for the big day including flags, hats, scarves and jerseys.

The mayhem will continue through the night with bars and clubs being packed out with students, Scousers and tourists.

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