Litter pickers fight waste on the beaches

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Volunteers at High town Beach. Pic Dan Jones © JMU Journalism

Volunteers at Hightown Beach. Pic Dan Jones © JMU Journalism.

A community came out in force for their biannual beach clean up, preserving it for local residents and wildlife.

Merseyside’s beaches are being scattered with unwanted debris and waste being brought in with the tide, resulting in large amounts of plastic being left on the sand.

A group of people from the Crosby-Formby area decided they had had enough of seeing the waste, leading to the creation of the Hightown Beach Clean Group, adopting the motto: “Leave only footprints on our beach.”

Members of the team with the help of volunteers came together on Friday to tackle the waste.

The group is now responsible for two clean ups per year, as well as various other events to maintain the beach, whilst also ensuring the habitat for wildlife that chooses to live there.

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Group member, Tom Norbury, told JMU Journalism: “Our group does what it does because they can see the damage we are doing to our environment and wildlife.

“It is our beach and wildlife who unfortunately are greatly suffering from our actions. We should be responsible to clean up the spaces where the animals call home and keep it safe and clean as we would expect others to do for us. Our group aims to influence others to do similar, as without this common relationship without wildlife, we will both suffer the consequences.”

Nearly 70 people came out to help with the clean up, removing significant amounts of waste from the beach, also discovering many lost objects from the past.

The next event will take place on the December 16th, focusing on preserving habitats for local wildlife and the event is open to all.

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